What is Consignment?

Consignment is a method of selling whereby one turns over to another the responsibility of the sale.
It is clearly the best way to sell fine home furnishings antiques and collectibles.  Here’s how it works:  Items are placed on consignment for a 90 day period.  During the first 30 days, items sell for the full price marked on the ticket.   If an item remains for sale during the second 30 days, it is reduced by 20%.  If an item remains for sale during the third 30 days, it is reduced by 20%.  The consignor receives 60% of the sale price, TECLLC receives a 40% commission.  Checks are disbursed every month on the 15th for items sold during the prior month.  We offer pickup service  (You can inquire for further details).  The commission is charged only when the sale is made.  There are no additional costs.  No more ads in the newspaper or people in your home.  We do all the advertisements, showing and selling.  It is a painless and wonderful way to turn items you no longer need into cash.

How does consignment work?

We negotiate with you the price which we believe will sell your merchandise while still getting you the best price for your item.    We begin the markdown process on merchandise only if the merchandise remains in our store more than 30 days.   If an item remains in our store more than 60 days, an additional markdown is taken.   If your item does not sell in 90 days, you may choose to take it back or request we re-consign it with an amended price.

How quickly do most items sell?

Obviously, each item is unique.  However, some items sell the first day they are on the showroom floor while others take longer.  Typically, we sell 75% of the items we receive within the first 30 days and 99% of all items sell within the 90 day consignment period.  The best advice we can give is to purchase the item when the price is right for you  – presuming it’s still here!

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, checks, and cash.

What happens if I buy an item and decide I cannot use it or doesn’t fit into my décor?

Since all sales are final, we cannot refund the sales price.  However, we accept items previously sold in the store on consignment from the new owner.

If an item I want will be marked down next week, may I leave my financial information and have you process as soon as it is marked down?

No. We only accept purchases at the current price.  This is done so on a first come first serve basis. However, we suggest that if you cannot be in the store on the day an item is discounted, you can call in your purchase.

Do you have detailed information about the items you are selling?

Most of what we know about an item is incorporated into the description area of the tag.  However, in certain instances, we may have some additional history or special circumstances that are relevant to an item.

Will you put my purchased item in my car for me?

Yes but if your vehicle cannot accommodate your purchase, we recommend delivery be made by one of our contracted moving services.

I did not bring a vehicle large enough to pick-up my item. Can I pick it up later?

Yes. We allow the customer up to 3 business days to pick up their purchase.

After I got my item home, I noticed damage on it that I did not see before, may I return the item?

No.   We price everything according to the condition an item is in.  You assume the risks for the item at the point of sale.  All sales are final.

I bought a piece of furniture from you a short time ago. Now I would like additional matching pieces.Can you order items for me?

Since our merchandise is received from so many sources it is unlikely we would receive matching pieces.  However, if you are interested in informing our staff, we will make an effort to contact you if similar items arrive.   We cannot guarantee that an item will be repeated.  Therefore, we recommend you purchase all you might need since in most cases when it is gone, it is gone.

I really want a particular piece. I cannot decide between waiting for the markdown and buying it now. What should I do?

That is up to you. However, as a general business matter, we hear much more often the phrase, “I should have gotten it when I saw it” rather than “I’m glad I waited for the discount”.  What’s here today is often gone tomorrow!   So if you are looking at an item now is generally your ‘best’ opportunity.

Are all items from people’s homes?

No. While a significant percentage comes from homes in the Hammond area, we also get items from stores or businesses which are closing and need help liquidating furniture.

Do you accept antiques?

Yes. We sell quite a number of European and American antiques. We believe we are an exceptional place to buy and sell antiques.

What type of small items may I bring in?

We sell an incredible assortment of small items including framed art, vases, lamps, jewelry, china, silver and almost anything you can imagine.  We suggest you bring whatever you have and let us look at it with you.  We do this without appointment Tuesday – Friday, and by appointment (time permitting) Saturday and Sunday.

When I pick-up the furniture I purchased, can I receive assistance in loading it in my vehicle?

Yes.  We provide assistance in loading large items.   Remember to bring your own blankets to protect your item during transportation and also remember we provide delivery service on all pieces for a fee.

What do you not accept for consignment?

We typically deal with that on a case by case basis. However, normally we do not accept items that are in poor condition,  or of such low value that they do not warrent consignment.  A consignment shop is not generally for garage sale items.  We really just want your better things.

What type of furniture do you sell?

We literally sell items ranging from 250 year  old antiques to pieces that are less than 6 months old, we also sometimes sell new  items which are sometimes obtained thru distressed business situations

How often do you receive new items?

We receive new items every day.  Our inventory system is set up to completely turn the inventory every ninety days.

Do you have a lay away program?

Yes we will place items on lay away for you for a period of sixty days.  We are also affiliated with a finance company that may be able to finance your purchase so that you may enjoy your purchase immediately.

Are all your items pricey?

No. Quite often to the contrary that is why we do not consider ourselves a fine consignment shop. We sell all types of items ranging from $1 to $10,000.   You buy what you need.   By the way, while we are happy to assist you or answer any questions you might have about an item, we do not have any salespeople.   When you walk into the store you are on your own to explore.

What else can I expect from The Estate Center LLC?

We believe as a seller or buyer you would have a pleasant and rewarding experience.  We are family owned and treat our customers as part of the family.   We strive everyday to make TECLLC one of the premiere consignment stores in the entire country.

May I consign an item for less than 90 days?

No.  We do require items to be consigned for the full 90 days.   However, if your item has not sold in the 90 day period you may take it back.

How do I get my check for any sales?

All consignor checks are made available the 15th of each month for all sales made during the previous month. We expect the checks to be picked up at the store on the 15th or thereafter.  The checks are not available prior to the 15th.  All checks must be picked up within 6 months of the date of issuance. Any checks which are “stale” can be reissued by TECLLC for a $25 fee.  Any check left over 1 year is considered null and void and not reclaimable.  Any individual may request their checks be mailed for a onetime fee of $10.

Do you sell items over the internet?

Yes. We provide pictures on our website of items we accept and sell on consignment.  For the most part items in our store sell rather quickly, if we feel that your interests will be better served by selling your item on the internet we will list it in a live auction or place it in our internet store.

What if I just show up at the store with my furniture?

You are free to do so, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accept it.   If possible it is always preferable to provide us with photos first.

Is the store busy?

We have over twenty thousand cars a day that pass our showrooms.  Your consignment items will be exposed to the second highest traffic count in Tangipahoa Parish. We are open 6 days a week.  Weekday hours are 10-5 pm, Saturday 10-5 pm and Sunday by chance or appointment.