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2022 Outdoor Design Trends

Heading into a new summer, taste in outdoor design has changed. Whether it’s a new way of living in your outdoor spaces or bright ideas for a visual refresh, these outdoor design trends are at the forefront of 2022. Read on to learn what the latest trends are and how to incorporate these trends into your own design.

The Estate Center Design Team is on top of the trends that will make your outdoor spaces stand out from the crowd without bleeding your wallet dry.

Who’s ready to get outside and soak up some sun rays and fresh air? I know I am! With everyone across the globe feeling the pressures of inflation, it stands to reason there is a peak in curiosity regarding budget friendly outdoor design trends for 2022. The popularity of outdoor living spaces continues to grow in 2022, not only in light of the tighter wallet, but also as many of us seek to achieve greater health, both mentally and physically, from home. Plus, our outdoor spaces are ideal for social gatherings even during the early winter months making them prime locations for all things living. There are some major changes this summer in terms of the aesthetics, materials, and functionality that might just surprise you.

Gently Used Furniture

This one may come as a surprise to some of you but with a greener environment on everybody's minds today, people are opting to purchase from consignment stores versus buying from big box stores. The toll the big box stores take on our environment is relentless not to mention the economic ramifications they take on our communities and small businesses. Over 60% of small businesses closed during the pandemic leaving a devastating mark on communities while several big box stores saw an increase in sales by up to 100%. So not only is shopping at your local consignment store, like The Estate Center in Hammond, great for the environment and your communities it is excellent on your pocket book as well.

Comfort of the Indoors Outdoors

The luxury and comfort we have grown accustomed to in our homes is what is being demanded outdoors this season with outdoor dining tables and designated conversation areas. Outdoor living and entertaining are essential to enjoying life; we relish spending time outside, surrounded by open air, wildlife and the smells and sounds of all nature has to offer. The amount of time, effort and expense you put into your outdoor living area is all in vain if your furniture is uncomfortable. The features you place in your exterior living spaces should be functional and easily maintained. You certainly don't want to have to relocate furniture during a party nor spend hours having to clean it after each use. Ultimately, this means your outdoor living space needs to make your quests feel welcomed and comfortable while meeting your needs at the same time. When picking out your furniture and décor options make sure you pick pieces that are not only pleasing to the eye but elicit relaxation.

Quality Patio Furniture

Patio furniture built with cheap materials is out and quality pieces at affordable prices are all the new rave! The reason is simply longevity. Today's buyers want durable furniture at bargain prices because they are tired of having to replace it annually and can no longer afford to do so. There is nothing more frustrating than heading outside on that first beautiful spring morning to find cracked lawn furniture and broken or rusted décor. Another reason buyers are shifting to purchasing quality furniture made out of more durable materials is due to the toll it takes on the environment every time worn out pieces are thrown away. These reasons alone have buyers in a completely different shopping mindset this year versus the last three years. The Estate Center carries a variety of environmentally friendly, durable outdoor furniture at affordable prices. Check in regularly as they bring in new estates weekly.

Repurposed Chiminea

As families continue to work and educate from home, the cliché of the outdoors as a "happy place" is more relevant and realistic this season. The monochromatic, neutral design is a thing of the past. Bright colors and eclectic design are in! The trend for a colorful palette is due to people wanting happier environments. The way to accomplish this look is with bright colored flowers in a repurposed chiminea. The Estate Center has this chiminea on sale for just $55 and once you add your colorful flowers it will be the focal point of your garden!


Outdoor design in deeper, richer colors such as deep ambers, greens, and carnelian red, along with softer textures and more pattern, is in high demand. Layered patterns and color, as well as more embellishment fills every designers portfolio. Design has become more detail oriented and luxurious making big statements. The resurgence of rich, saturated hues, from jewel tones like ruby and sapphire to earthy shades like cypress and saffron have inspired homeowners to incorporate their own personality into their designs. The beauty of purchasing furniture from stores like The Estate Center is you can get high quality furniture for fractions of the original price. This metal indoor /outdoor table from Z Gallorie in New Orleans was originally $1,800 and is on sale for $520. What a deal!

DIY Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are one of the best DIY outdoor décor ideas trending this season. You can easily use old bottles, vases, bowls and much more to make brilliant and unique tiki torches. They add color and functionality and the welcoming ambiance creates a great first impression. Your outdoor tables and walkways will become the talk of your next outdoor party with the added benefit of keeping the bugs away. The Estate Center has a great variety of items to choose from starting at just $5.

DIY De-Electrify Chandeliers

Usually, when you hear the word chandelier your mind immediately goes to fixtures inside your home. If you de-electrify a chandelier, then you can use it to add a classy design feature to your outdoor space. The Estate Center has several chandeliers for you to choose from starting at just $10.50. Now that is a bargain!

Come visit us at The Estate Center and one of our designers will be happy to assist you with all of your indoor and outdoor needs. You can visit us on our website at:

By: Stacie Triche

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