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8 Summer Jewelry Trends for 2022

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Many different jewelry trends have dominated the red carpet and fashion weeks throughout the years. Jewelry has always been the quintessential wardrobe must haves that will withstand the test of time, since it allows people to express their uniqueness and accessorize in a personal way.

Even though jewelry trends have changed inordinately throughout the years, these eight jewelry trends will combine traditional pieces and fit them into this summers era of fashion. Whether you are into the summer chic or blinged out style, there are enough trending pieces to make you a ray of sunshine everywhere you go this summer.

#1 Summer Jewelry Trend:

Pearls are timeless and memorable. You can never go wrong with pearls as they are a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn with jeans or an evening gown and the resurgence of them are back in full swing this summer.

Do you know how pearls are born?

According to American Peal, The birth of a pearl is truly a miraculous event. Unlike gemstones or precious metals that must be mined from the earth, pearls are grown by live oysters far below the surface of the sea. Gemstones must be cut and polished to bring out their beauty. But pearls need no such treatment to reveal their loveliness. They are born from oysters complete - with a shimmering iridescence, luster and soft inner glow unlike any other gem on earth.

A natural pearl begins its life as a foreign object, such as a parasite or piece of shell that accidentally lodges itself in an oyster's soft inner body where it cannot be expelled. To ease this irritant, the oyster's body takes defensive action. The oyster begins to secrete a smooth, hard crystalline substance around the irritant in order to protect itself. This substance is called "nacre." As long as the irritant remains within its body, the oyster will continue to secrete nacre around it, layer upon layer. Over time, the irritant will be completely encased by the silky crystalline coatings. And the result, ultimately, is the lovely and lustrous gem called a pearl.

How something so wondrous emerges from an oyster's way of protecting itself is one of nature's loveliest surprises. For the nacre is not just a soothing substance. It is composed of microscopic crystals of calcium carbonate, aligned perfectly with one another, so that light passing along the axis of one crystal is reflected and refracted by another to produce a rainbow of light and color.

Cultured pearls share the same properties as natural pearls. Oysters form cultured pearls in an almost identical fashion. The only difference is a person carefully implants the irritant in the oyster, rather than leaving it to chance. We then step aside and let nature create its miracle.

Shop at The Estate Center where there is a unique selection of pearls starting at $125.

#2 Summer Jewelry Trend:

Eye-Popping Earrings. From bold chandelier earrings to door-knocker statement pieces that nod to the Golden Age of film, vintage-inspired accessories were all over models’ lobes on every runway from New York to Paris.

Wear these 14kt Amethyst Earrings with a sundress or a vintage-inspired ensemble for a pop of color.

#3 Summer Jewelry Trend: Bold Gold Chains

Bold Gold Chains and layered gold chains are all the rave this summer. The Estate Center has no shortage of luxury gold chains—from versatile long necklaces that can be wrapped twice for maximum impact to chunky chokers.

You can link on lockets, charms, family heirlooms to a chain, and make it your own personalized jewelry statement.

#4 Summer Jewelry Trend: Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets and layers of them will be a hot trend this summer. Everything from diamonds to gemstones will create the elegant style that is coveted this year without all the fuss. Todays versions of the tennis bracelet have evolved into more daring mix of cuts, bolo closures and settings. It’s a classic piece of jewelry, whatever your style that will be a stunning addition to any outfit.

Do you know how the Tennis Bracelet got its name?

Tennis Bracelets were once called the line bracelet in the 1920s with its row of diamonds and or gemstones. It was very popular during the 20th century and could be found in different settings and size and cuts of gemstones. When Chris Evert lost her line bracelet on the tennis court in 1978 during a tennis match the bracelet received the nickname that still describes it today—the tennis bracelet.

Todays versions of the tennis bracelet have evolved into more daring mix of cuts, bolo closures and settings. It’s a classic piece of jewelry, whatever your style that will be a stunning addition to any outfit.

#5 Summer Jewelry Trend:

She Wore Colors Everywhere...Bold Colors. Colorful jewelry is the strongest trend and has been for the past three years. With each passing year the colors get bolder, more vibrant and optimistic. This year will be the boldest ever thanks to the pandemic forcing people to isolate. Now people are ready to be out and about with bold jewelry that says... here I am!

Do you know the power of color?

In rainy countries like Belgium they make it a priority to have colors in the street scene because they know color is powerful. We can bring a lot of color to a drab outfit with colorful accessories. Statistics prove that people look at you differently when you wear a colorful dress or accessory. And you perk up and get a sense of fulfillment when you get compliments for your sense of style. Wearing colorful jewelry not only elevates your mood It is a fact that when the eye takes in bright, bold hues like pink, red and green it triggers the release of dopamine, a powerful hormone that makes you feel happier.

#6 Summer Jewelry Trend:

Silver Fever jewelry made its grand re-entrance last summer, due to the rise of chrome accents in the home decor arena. Home decor has really taken a turn back in time with metals making a grand entrance again. Curvaceous baubles, cuff bracelets, and dangling earrings are leading the charge again mining inspiration from the latest home design trends.

#7 Summer Jewelry Trend: Stud Earrings

Stud earrings, especially diamond studs, are exactly the type of classic pieces that will make a statement with your wardrobe and is the perfect gift for that special family member or friend on your list in 2022. Stud earrings are the perfect jewelry accessory from swimwear to a formal evening out.

#8 Summer Jewelry Trend:

Layered Necklaces. A mix of dainty and bold chain necklaces is a look that will dominate in summer of 2022. Gold options in particular are expected to be featured all over your social media feeds. Using chains of different lengths and sizes will give you a sassy, layered look to help you look and feel your absolute best this summer. The Estate Center just doubled the amount of jewelry they carry including sterling silver pieces starting at $10! Just what you need to fulfill all your silver fever needs! Go in and see their new remodeled look! Happy Jewelry Shopping!

By: Stacie Triche

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