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Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2020

The verdict is in and the people have spoken! This years gift giving looks much different from last year due to the Coronavirus. Many families have decided to stay home and not gather in large groups and as a result people have become more creative with their gift giving this year. The Estate Center has turned into Santa's workshop and no matter who you're shopping for, it's definite there's a hidden gem in the 16,000 sq. ft. showroom that will dazzle even the hardest person to shop for on your list. We're here to make your holiday season merrier and less stressful with this top ten Christmas gift list. These gift ideas start as low as $3! Here are the top gifts:

1. GIFT BASKETS. According to a study done by Daniel Howard, a marketing director, people who receive a gift in a gift basket versus traditional wrapping are 42% more likely to love their present more. Why? Well, the study concluded that people like the presentation of gift baskets versus conventional gift wrapping because it makes the gift feel more valuable for the giver and receiver. The Estate Center has a huge selection of gift baskets ranging in price from $10 to $50.

2. NOSTALGIC GIFTS. Giving a gift that brings back memories of loved ones and friends or even childhood statistics prove create a lasting effect on the receiver. They are 68% more likely to cherish a nostalgic gift than any other gift they receive. The Estate Center has a 16,000 sq. ft. showroom filled with nostalgic gifts for everyone on your list starting at just $3!

3. JEWELRY. Studies show that jewelry sales are up by 32% from this time last year because people weren't able to spend money on destination weddings, birthday and anniversary gifts. Instead, they are spending money on more expensive pieces of jewelry. The Estate Center has a huge selection of jewelry for unbeatable prices.

4. TOYS/ELECTRONICS. Due to people staying home and not traveling this year, the sale of toys and electronics is up by 17% compared to this time last year. The Estate Center has an unbelievable selection for prices that can't be beat!

5. HOME FURNISHINGS. People are focused on the look and comfort of their homes more this year than any year in history due to being quarantined to their homes. Furniture sales are up by 19%., but not just any furnishings people are buying real wood versus the pressboard mass-produced furniture the big box stores offer. The Estate Center has an awesome selection of unique, real wood pieces for half the price or less than you would pay anywhere else! You simply cannot beat the quality or prices!

6. CHRISTMAS DECOR. The pandemic has stirred up the need for festive décor in our homes this year! People are unable to travel and so they are bringing the merrymaking décor home! The Estate Center has an unbelievable selection of Christmas décor you will treasure for years to come!

7. TALEWARE. This year for the holidays tables will be as festive as ever and for good reason. Statistics show that our families and friends enjoy their meals 84% more when the table is decorated for the season! Get your family in the Christmas spirit with this beautiful tableware:

8. RECLINERS. The sale of recliners have skyrocketed this year which stands to reason since people are spending more time at home. The Estate Center has a great selection of La-Z-Boy and other name brand recliners starting at $125.

9. ART. The lack of travel has people purchasing scenery paintings. They figure if they can't see the world they want it on display in their homes. The sale of scenery paintings are up by 7%. The Estate Center has a huge selection covering almost every wall in the store.

10. LAMPS. Due to families working from home and homeschooling their children during the pandemic, the sale of lamps is up by 12%. The Estate Center has a huge selection of lamps starting at just $5.

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