6 Foolproof Tips for Designing Your Home

Furniture is one area that has seen a lot of change over the past decade. Thanks to design styles ranging from antiques to farmhouse chic there are varied materials that you can choose from for your home furnishings and décor. The seemingly unending variegated options available can leave you dismayed. So what materials do you choose? We can help you answer that question.


Designers of old would have run out the door screaming in horror at the thought of mixing materials but gone are those days. Designers today love the idea of mixing materials for more than just the creativity it presents. They love it because the sentimental value it brings is priceless. It allows you to incorporate your grandmother's valuable pieces into your modern design. Like this antique bench paired with a La-Z-Boy sofa, this elegant antique chair paired with a modern footstool, or this antique table and china cabinet paired with modern décor.


Wood used to be the most popular furniture material. Now it is the most sought after material due to an influx of cheap Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF) furniture infiltrating the market over the last decade. People have come to realize that nothing withstands the test of time like solid wood. At The Estate Center we have quality, one-of-a-kind solid wood pieces to accentuate any room in your home and for fractions of the price. These beautiful pieces are just a sample of the multitudinous options available.


Although it can be cracked or broken easily, it gives an elegant impression in your home. You can choose clear for an open sightline feel or choose a colorful piece to add a pop of interest to your room. This plain table turns into an exquisite showpiece by adding glass elements in the center.