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The article is devoted to the influence of color choices in design and their affect on behavior. Our lives are filled with a plethora of colors every single day and we underestimate the significant impact they have on our behavior and emotions.

Our mind reacts the moment our eyes perceive color. Shifts in mood and emotions happen when our eyes connect color with the brain which gives signals to the endocrine system causing a release in hormones. The research provided by Colorcom showed that it takes only 90 seconds for people to make a subconscious judgment about design and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.



The color associates with passionate and strong feelings. It has been known to symbolize good and bad emotions including love, confidence, and anger. In design, the use of the color red is an effective way to command the attention of your guests.


It invigorates energy and warmth by combining red's passion and yellow's friendliness bringing feelings of motivation, enthusiasm, and love to design. Designers use the color to give a room the spirit of creativity and adventure.


This is the color of rays of sunlight which symbolizes happiness and joy! Yellow incorporated into a design space can stimulate inspiration and confidence. However, too much yellow may bring negative reactions such as the feeling of anxiety or fear.


Often referred to as the color of nature it incites balance and harmony. Green brings calming and renewing feelings and is a sign of growth. It has more positive energy than any color allowing your mind to connect with nature.


Is the color of trust. In design, it gives a room the sense of calm and reliability. When used in excess, however, it associates with distance and sadness.

Portraying or invoking certain emotions in design makes your choice of color a vital factor. Here is a brief description to help you:

  • Red. Confidence, youth, and power.

  • Orange. Friendly, warm, and energetic.

  • Yellow. Happiness, optimism, and warmth.

  • Green. Peace, growth, and health.

  • Blue. Trust, security, and stability.

  • Purple. Luxurious, creative, and wise.

  • Black. Reliable, sophisticated, and experienced.

  • White. Simple, calm, and clean.

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