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Top 8 Mother's Day Gifts 2021

Mother's Day is sure to be a memorable, truly celebrated occasion this year with quarantine mandates lifted. Moms everywhere will be surrounded by and cherished by family. So what do you get mom? Moms are nurses, taxi drivers, chef's, nurturers, supportive friends, the glue that holds the family together on top of juggling a career. Buying the right gift for your mom can be a daunting task — what gift can possibly express how much you appreciate one of the most special people in your life? The Estate Center is here to help with the below list we've compiled of our favorite gift ideas for Mother's Day. We have the most meaningful gifts for every type of motherly figure you want to celebrate in your life, from nature lovers to sentimental moms.

#8. Art - The Perfect Gift to Promote Mental Health

Whether the mom in your life loves romantic paintings or something more traditional, there is something extraordinary about art that speaks to a person’s emotions making it the ideal gift. Art has also been proven to be good for your mental health. Studies prove that many people find art as a form of therapy, like reading a book, due to its calming effects stopping them from focusing on their anxieties. The Estate Center has a beautiful collection of art to transcend your moms home into a relaxing retreat.

#7. Pictures - The Perfect Sentimental Gift

There's nothing grandmothers love more than pictures of their grandkids. The Estate Center just received a unique selection of picture frames from antiques to whimsical starting at $1 dollar. Have the kids add their own drawings, captions or sentimental note to make it a gift she will treasure the rest of her life.

#6. Relaxation Nook - Promotes Peace of Mind

Help mom improve her overall quality of life by giving her a relaxation nook. Encouraging the mom in your life to take time to relax will not only promote peace of mind, but it also helps reduce stress. Stress has been linked to many health complications, from heart problems to dementia. The Estate Center has indoor/outdoor seating to make the perfect relaxation nook for the mom in your life! So let's show her that we are concerned for her mind, body and soul with an amazing relaxation nook.

#5. Organization - Promotes Emotional Well-Being

Studies have linked working in unorganized spaces to chronic emotional stress which in turn leads to depression. Let's help mom combat her busy lifestyle with some amazing organizational finds like desks, filing cabinets, bookcases, jewelry boxes and armoires, photo boxes, baskets, outdoor storage bins, and much more at The Estate Center.

#4. Tranquil Bedding - Promotes Rest

The mom in your life works hard and deserves a restful nights sleep. All moms have restless nights when they must go to bed way later than expected or just can’t seem to go to sleep at all. They lose track of time and have busy schedules—welcome to the beautiful and chaotic adventure called motherhood. However, it’s still important for mom to get a restful nights sleep. One of the top ten ways to ensure a restful nights sleep is tranquil bedding. The Estate Center just received a shipment of brand new, name brand mattress pads, down feather comforters, and much more. They also carry mattresses and comfort bedding at amazing prices like this King Pottery Barn Duvet Cover for only $99.00 dollars (originally $329.00).

#3. Foot Massager - Promotes Blood Circulation

We've all experienced various forms of foot pain, so what better gift to give mom for Mother's Day than a foot massager to help alleviate all that muscle soreness and stimulate blood circulation at the same time? The Estate Center has a brand new (still in the box) relaxing foot bath with bubbles and heat for only $15.00 dollars.

#2 Party Environment - Promotes Joy

Is your mom's house often the hub for family parties? Then set up a party environment in her home or yard by buying the furniture below like a pub table & chairs, bar cart, bar stools, bistro table, patio dining set, and coffee table from The Estate Center. Most mothers hardly have time to to get their homes party ready. So these kinds of mother day gifts will surely bring a smile to her face and provide enjoyment for years to come.

# 1 Jewelry - Promotes Love

Whenever your mother looks at a piece of jewelry that was given to her by a loved one, she is looking at a source of personal meaning. Each piece is filled with emotion. Mothers will wear it for the rest of their lives and that is what makes jewelry the number one gift for your mom this Mother's Day.

Come shop for the mother in your life at The Estate Center for some amazing prices and unique finds!

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Happy Shopping!

By: Stacie Triche

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