Top 8 Mother's Day Gifts 2021

Mother's Day is sure to be a memorable, truly celebrated occasion this year with quarantine mandates lifted. Moms everywhere will be surrounded by and cherished by family. So what do you get mom? Moms are nurses, taxi drivers, chef's, nurturers, supportive friends, the glue that holds the family together on top of juggling a career. Buying the right gift for your mom can be a daunting task — what gift can possibly express how much you appreciate one of the most special people in your life? The Estate Center is here to help with the below list we've compiled of our favorite gift ideas for Mother's Day. We have the most meaningful gifts for every type of motherly figure you want to celebrate in your life, from nature lovers to sentimental moms.

#8. Art - The Perfect Gift to Promote Mental Health

Whether the mom in your life loves romantic paintings or something more traditional, there is something extraordinary about art that speaks to a person’s emotions making it the ideal gift. Art has also been proven to be good for your mental health. Studies prove that many people find art as a form of therapy, like reading a book, due to its calming effects stopping them from focusing on their anxieties. The Estate Center has a beautiful collection of art to transcend your moms home into a relaxing retreat.

#7. Pictures - The Perfect Sentimental Gift

There's nothing grandmothers love more than pictures of their grandkids. The Estate Center just received a unique selection of picture frames from antiques to whimsical starting at $1 dollar. Have the kids add their own drawings, captions or sentimental note to make it a gift she will treasure the rest of her life.